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Programmable Led Signs

Indoor Led display boards are specially designed for indoor applications like spas, restaurants, shops, etc. Led display signs are customizable in order to match the exact customer requirement. These signs can display in multiple modes with 20 different text and graphic effects. Character heights starting from 1" to 15" and can be programmed to display in number of options with your desired font, color and presentation styles.

led sign sample picture

Some features:

  • Append Mode (Flicker, Pause, Continue, Time, Stop, Cartoon)
  • Single-Line Display with Multiple Font Sizes
  • Move, Scroll, Jump, Open, Cover, Immediate, Random..... up to 40 modes
  • Multiple Display Speeds & Pause Time
  • Drawing tool is available for special symbols, graphics or logos
  • User friendly Windows formatted software…and much more!

We provide you the most affordable Programmable Led’s prices – some example:

9” x 28” 9” x 40” 9” x 52” 15” x 40” 15” x 52”
from $270 from $290 from $340 from $340 from $420

Open signs from $42!

Light boxes from $160

Most populars:

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